Stash Status Page

It’s now May, and with it, come a lot of new knitting challenges! Namely, stash-busting challenges such as the Slytherin Race to the Finish Line (within the HPKCHC knitting group) and Stash Dash (Starting May 26th)!

I’ve been trying to get a handle on my knitting for quite some time and not doing well. Part of the reason is because I haven’t kept very good track of how much I am destashing and how much I’m bringing in.

A little while ago, I made up some rules to help keep myself on track. These rules determined how much yarn I needed to use or otherwise destash in order to buy new yarn. The rules are simple enough, based on balls/hanks/skeins of yarn. It divides them into units that don’t require special tools to determine.

The thing is, I have those tools and I have balls of yarn that are only maybe a few grams left over from a larger project. I wasn’t really getting to figure out how much I knit or crochet, I was just creating a way to cheat by using up the ends of things.

Enter the Slytherin Race and Stash Dash. These are based on yardage/meterage. With the Race, it has to be what I knit or crochet between the 1st of May to the 31st of July (the Spring 2017 Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup term). With Stash Dash, you get rewarded for finishing up your works-in-progress because you can count the entire meterage of the project, so long as it was knit/crocheted on at some point and finished during Stash Dash.

So, this fixes two of my issues; I get to see how much I can knit in a specific period of time AND I have incentive to finish things that have been taking up space on my needles and in my stash for a long time.

In order to keep track of all of these things, as each challenge has a different set of rules, I’ve made a NEW PAGE that can be found on the Menu at the top of this blog! Here, I’ll keep track of things and anyone who’s interested can see my progress by the numbers.

There is also a list of stash-busting related blog posts so you know where to see pictures of what I’m actually working on, as well as some blurbs regarding the projects.

Expect some more project posts to be showing up, now that I’m knitting for points again!


2 thoughts on “Stash Status Page

    1. Thank you for asking! Sorry I missed your comment earlier.

      I’m starting to make some notable progress, now. I’ve knit up quite a bit of yardage and finished off a dozen or so balls of yarn. I’ve even gifted a few!

      I still have a very long way to go, but seeing the numbers helps for me.


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