Some Crazy Stashbusting Ideas

I’m making progress, slowly but surely, with my stashbusting and my goals in general. It’s not coming about how I had expected, but it’s happening.

Unfortunately, I am in a bad place for Starteritus (starting new projects without finishing old ones, usually in bulk), so I’m working out some ideas to help me get through my WIPs. (Newly encouraged by back-episodes of podcasts. I’m totally on board with the desire to just have things DONE and not a lengthy list of things still to do.)

Along with this, I’m revamping my stashbusting plans, because I’m failing at “cold sheep”. I seem to be buying more yarn since declaring my yarn diet intentions than before I started.

So, here are some ideas I’m thinking of trying out. For every 8 skeins of yarn used up from stash and 1 skein of yarn destashed (I’ve got a few hideous ones that just need to go), I get 1 new skein of yarn. Skeins don’t count as used up until the project is finished (ends and blocking eligible for postponement because life gets crazy). I also get a new skein for every deep-stash hibernating WIP that is finished (this one requires ends woven in and the project blocked).

How does this look? For starters, as of April 21st, I would have 1 pending skein of used up yarn. I got to the end of one ball of yarn for a shawl that I’m working on and started the next one. This is still pending as the project is not finished. When the shawl is finished, it will probably count for 2 skeins of used up yarn. I will have broken into the third skein, but not used it up completely.

Blanket squares and hexipuffs will count as complete projects for the purpose of the 8 skeins, but only the whole blanket will count toward the bonus skein of yarn for completing a hibernating/large WIP.

To keep things simple, skeins that have already been allocated to a stashed WIP won’t count toward the used up skeins, as I don’t want to figure out how many skeins are already used. So, for one of my sweaters that is already started, even though I have full skeins that haven’t been added to the sweater yet, they count as already being part of the sweater and only the finished sweater will count toward the bonus skein.

I feel like these rules may make sense to me but are getting a little difficult to explain.



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