Ranger Knits and Some Bright Socks

For those that noticed the other day, I’m already in the negatives for “earned yarn” vs. “bought yarn”. I ran out of the color I needed for my hiking/camping/Rangering* socks and I also needed orange sock yarn, because I didn’t have any orange sock scraps for my scrappy blanket (makes perfect sense to me).

So, I have 1 skein that is pending and 1 complete right now (my hiking/camping/Rangering* shawl and my hiking/camping/Rangering* socks both have 1 skein each used up on them, but the shawl is not yet complete) and -2 earned skeins of yarn from the purchase.

I need to have 16 skeins of yarn used up in finished projects and 2 skeins donated/sold/otherwise destashed in order to be back to even, according to my rules.

For the record, the Ranger Shawl is going toward HPKCHC Detention, the Ranger Socks are going toward HPKCHC Muggle Studies (using green currency as my way to fit the prompt), and the orange socks are going toward HPKCHC Arithmancy (as they are more than 50% orange).

*Also, for those of you who are curious, Rangers is a group of nerds that I am part of by proxy of dating one. They teach themselves to craft historic garb, tools, and weaponry as well as primitive survival skills for the purpose of going into the woods and pretending like they’re in the Lord of the Rings universe. Several also fight in SCA tourneys. I am a n00b, so I’m still working on my garb. I have a leg-up, though, because I have knowledge of and access to a TON of historic replica patterns for knitting and sewing. I’ve also had an idea of what I want my garb to look like and how it will function for over a decade because I wanted to make a badass historically accurate costume LONG before I knew what any of this was.


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