Stash Updates

I finished my calculations for the Spring 2017 term of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup! 5394.3 yards knit/crocheted from the beginning of May to the end of July!

So, now, it’s officially “break month” for me from the HPKCHC. Time to redirect my focus to Stash Dash and my stashbusting in general.

I’ve updated all my totals for the Stashbusting Stats page, but I’m going to share all the details thus far in this post.

The following count for the HPKCHC, but not Stash Dash (which started on the 26th):

Now, for the Stash Dash:

So, I’m at about 3969.4 (rounded) meters right now of my 5k goal.


I’m looking to finish the Askews Me Shawl, Johnnie’s socks, the camp sponges, the granny square blanket, the sweater garland, the Knit ‘N Slide shawl, and the Scarfy Thing. With those done, I might get to 10k or even 15k!

More updates to come. Still working out a plan for more consistent blog posts.


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