I run on coffee! (A Handmade Wardrobe Update)

Hello, I just wanted to post a little update on the Handmade Wardrobe series since there has been so much interest in it!

I’m still working hard on planning everything, but I’m a little short on funds to be able to MAKE the things I’m planning on making. Specifically, I need jersey knit fabric so that I can test out the shirt patterns.

Once I have the fabric, I can get to work on sewing up the patterns and am planning to review my findings and the experience. I just, you know, need the materials to get to that point.

Until then, the Handmade Wardrobe posts are going to be on a bit of a stand-still. I have two sweater quantities of yarn to knit sweaters with, but those take much longer to make, so posts about those might be a month or more out.

Sorry for the delay in posts. I got really excited and then that next step hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ll keep you all posted with other updates as I have them and be posting about other subjects until then (like Stash Dash! It’s almost over!)

If you would like to help me out with the materials costs, I have a Ko-fi account and the fabric purchase is my current goal. One donation is about the same as the cost of a cup of coffee. Any help with my project is appreciated, of course!


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