What the heck, Katie.

So, most of my latest posts have been big huge blocks of text.

I’m sure you have noticed. How could you not?

It’s the dumbest thing. Guys, what am I? I’m a semi-professional digital artist. Why have I not been making my own illustrations for my blog? Why? WHY??

Here’s why: I didn’t think of it. When I did think of it, I didn’t think I was a good enough illustrator to do it.

Here’s the deal. I’m going to make myself my own customer. I’m going to hire myself to make illustrations for my blog so that it’s prettier and functions better for communicating a message.


I don’t promise that they will always be good.

I’m not practiced in quick illustrations, nor lifestyle illustrations. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out imagery for certain posts. I can draw monsters all day, but this is a new subject matter for me.

I’m also still learning and figuring out a style. There should be progress and development to make them better over time.

Feedback is appreciated, whether on the illustrations or the use of illustrations. Please be constructive in your criticism if at all possible. I’m a people, too.

If you like my illustrations, however… My bigger, better, more detailed drawings and illustrations can be found on my Patreon and my art blog.

Here’s hoping all goes well! New content upcoming!


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