Regaining my Crafting Mojo

I’ve been having a hard time keeping on task with my knitting, so I took a break last week to work on a quilt, instead. I still have a long way to go, but it’s a different kind of stashbusting for me.

I’ve been collecting fabric scraps and fat quarters since I was little, before I even knew how to sew. Two of my aunts have been quilting forever and my mom sewed every now and again. My mom, however, is obsessed with the idea of the “crazy quilt” whereas my aunts mostly work on traditional quilts. Makes perfect sense if you were to meet them.

For my quilt, however, I just wanted to work on something simple. I didn’t want the rigidity of a pattern, but I didn’t want the complexity of a crazy quilt. Instead, I’m just making a patchwork quilt with the squares placed to appear random (because if they were truly random, I probably wouldn’t like it as much; it’s probably more accurate to describe it as more or less evenly spaced).

The problem I’m finding is that I just do not have enough space to lay out a quilt, have out my sewing machine, and have my iron and ironing board nearby. So, now, I’m back to working in pieces between knitting things. My mojo isn’t completely back, especially in the area of keeping track of things, but it’s returning slowly.

Later, I’ll be posting about my updated yardage totals and what I’m knitting away at. For now, it’s a bit of a disorganized mess.


4 thoughts on “Regaining my Crafting Mojo

  1. A few years ago, my former boss and her mom made a large quilt to send to a family in need. It may have even been in Africa. We worked together to knot the quilt when it was finished. I remember thinking it looked so lovely and homey once complete– just like yours. Love the randomness. What a nice blanket to get cozy under.


    1. Thank you! I love the cozy look​ and feel of quilts. I’m glad to be making one for myself, at last.

      When I was a teenager, my mom, one of my aunts, her mom, and I worked on a few quilts together for Project Linus (who in turn give the blankets to children who are seriously ill, experienced a trauma, or are otherwise in need).

      It was a great program and I loved working on it, but I always wanted a quilt for myself at some point. Now, I figure that taking care of myself can help me be better prepared to help take care of others.

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      1. My mom, my aunt, and I have this habit of buying too many fat quarters… We stash-dove for the most part. For a few, we just bought all new fabric that would be cute for kids. I think that my aunt had some friends who gave us fabric from their stashs, but she’s part of at least one quilting guild so she just has those resources.

        Back​ then I didn’t really think anything of it, but now, knowing so many places that donate craft materials for projects like this, we might have been some of the few who sourced our materials ourselves.


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