Stash Dash 2017!

Today is the first day of Stash Dash 2017 and it will run until August 20th! I’m getting more and more behind on my stashbusting ratio, so I’m going to use this challenge to help motivate me to get my deep-stash WIPs done (which, according to my convoluted system, will earn me 1 new skein per finished deep-stash WIP). I’m currently at -4 earned new skeins, so I need to kick those out ASAP.

I’m making Happy Promotion Socks for a former coworker and good friend, but I couldn’t special order less than 2 skeins of the color. That didn’t help with the ratio, obviously.

I AM done with the Dotted Rays shawl, though, and I just barely missed using up all the yarn from the minis five-pack. Plus I’ve set aside yarn to be donated so that I’ll be closer to back on track.

I am also nearly done knitting up a pair of scrappy socks to help with the ratio. I had a couple almost-gone skeins that I can use that would help boost my “used up” numbers. I only have the bind-off left, so that will go towards Stash Dash.

I’m also on the last few yards of knitting on my Ranger Shawl, which will count toward Stash Dash and two used-up skeins for my stashbusting.

A post with pictures of all this should be coming shortly! I just need to focus on getting things finished first.

Personal Notes: The socks I’m making for my friend are going to be 66 sts on size 2s with 7″ bottom of heel to cuff and 8.5″ bottom of heel to toe. I’m going to use a Fish Lips Kiss heel since she doesn’t need more room for high arches like I do.


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