Plan? What plan?

I had plans for what projects I would work on when for the next few months. I got impatient.

Back during my trip to Southern California for VRLA, my boyfriend took me touristing in his hometown. What do knitters do as tourists? They find yarn shops. As my was-Christmas-then-birthday gift still wasn’t (and isn’t) finished, my boyfriend bought me a lovely mini skein pack of handdyed gradient yarns from Wonderland Yarns.

It took me a little while to decide what to make with it, but once I figured out it wanted to be a Dotted Rays shawl by Stephen West, it took far too much energy NOT to cast on. I was able to wait until after I’d bound off my Fire Socks. I’d like to point out how proud I am for waiting that long.

So, as of now, I’m on mini skein four of five. The yarn was packaged as pink, yellow, green, blue, purple. I didn’t like the transition between pink and yellow as much, so I cast on with pink and joined the purple next. Now I’m on the green after just having finished the blue and I think it looks nice in this order.

I’m​ currently using a Russian join as to get the most yardage I can from these mini skeins. I would have striped the transitions a little, normally, but I’m short on yardage for even the Small size. If it’s really just not big enough at the end, I may pick up a skein of white 2-ply Merino. Anything else might be too dark with the yellow on the end.


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