Days 11 – 13

Day 11: Do you have a “Knitter Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good?

I have quite a few “Knitter Heroes”, but it would take so long to list them all. I’ll name a few. (Yes, they are pretty much all podcasters. I don’t have many knitters in my personal life; just Ravelry buddies and podcasters.)

Bernadette (ec0g33k from the Wet Coast Wools Podcast) who knits ALL. THE. THINGS. And does so really fast and really well. I also love that she gets worked up over the functionality of different breeds of sheep wool. It gets me excited of the possibilities outside of Superwash Merino for options better suited to my projects (for those of you just tuning in, I’m a nut about functionality).

Amber (from the Yarn Hoarder podcast) who knits so many socks, knits socks for everyone, and has been one of the main institutions behind my sock knitting obsession this year (I’ve got five finished pairs and another three pairs on the needles with the yarn set aside for six more and some yarn being special ordered for socks for a friend). She’s also inspired me to ask for what I want, including asking yarn dyers if they’re willing to dye a special order. She’s right. The worst that can happen is they can say no, and then you thank them for their time and move on.

Stephen West had to make this list, too. I’ve loved his designs for a long time and was very glad to have met him. I asked him his method for picking out colors, and mentioned that I admired that he could take the ugliest color and make it work with whatever pattern he was making. He said something really delightful. I’m paraphrasing, but it was along the lines of this: if you have a color that you don’t like, just add another color; and then another one; and basically, keep adding more colors until you’re happy with the results. This just really struck a cord with me for some reason, both in knitting and how the mentality could be applied to other aspects of life. He is also inspiring in that he’s proven that you can have as many shawls as you do outfits and keep knitting the same pattern in different colors. Do what you enjoy, or make it enjoyable.

Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

Currently, my stash is in the middle of being organized with the main portion residing in “The Box”. Basically, I keep a large shipping box in my living room and whenever I find more yarn as I’m unpacking (yes, a year later I’m still unpacking from my last move) or just tidying up what I’ve already got out.

Stash that is attached to projects go in “The Bin”, which is a plastic bin that serves about the same purpose.

My goal is to get all my yarn in one place this summer and organize the heck out of it so I can more effectively use it.

Day 13: Do you have yarn that you love but can’t find a project for?

I have several yarns like this, but I’m doing my best to not let things become precious. Queue segue into this afternoon’s bonus post!


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