Day 7: Your least favorite project?

This is difficult. It’s easy to remember your favorite project because you use it all the time. You have fond memories of it because you keep it close. Your least favorite project? Either it never makes it off the needles or you shove it away in a box forever. Or you give it to someone you’re not particularly fond of who has been bugging you to knit for them for ages but is being a jerk about it.

Since I’m a little unsure on the topic, I’ll instead talk about a disaster that I fixed into a project that I’m excited to eventually get some use from.

Enter my first attempt at the Vanilla Bean Striped Socks by Emily O’Grady.

I started by getting gauge on Knit Picks Felici Sport in the “Boutique” colorway. The gauge was really dense, which is what I wanted for yarn that felt so soft that I was sure it would wear right through. That was a mistake.

The socks were too tight in most places, but the cuff was way too loose. It looked ridiculous and felt uncomfortable. I stopped after the first sock and just didn’t come back to it. I had been so excited for this pair of socks that the end product knocked the wind right out of my sails.

One of the February 2017 prompts for HPKCHC was to take a failed project, frog it, and knit a new project. I took the sign from the Universe to frog that sock and re-knit the pattern with a better gauge and a couple more years of knitting knowledge and experience.

The new pair of socks knit up quick, felt like a dream, and fit nicely. They are definitely more “bed socks” that “everyday socks”, but I’m okay with that. They are nice to wear around the apartment on rainy days.

Quick reminder that tomorrow is my birthday, so I’ll likely have several planned posts throughout the day, including my birthday cast-ons! Stay tuned! 


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