Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

Again, I should probably be reading the prompts in advance instead of answering them in the previous posts.

After failing to find an online tutorial, because this was two years before Google, my Mom took me to the closest Michael’s craft store. The only employee who knit worked in Floral and was gone for the day, so a younger employee kind of just pointed at the pattern books and left up to figure out the rest. (That store in particular has vastly improved in the many years that have passed, but I remember how lackluster it was when I was a kid.)

We found a book with a little girl on it covered in knitted items claiming to have the capacity to teach someone my age to knit and have many patterns to practice with that were fashionable and simple. Plus, it was from the same company that I had gotten my “learn to crochet” book from four years prior.

We picked up either a pair of size 7 or 8 aluminum straight needles and a ball of acrylic worsted weight yarn. I flipped through the pages on the drive home, spent the afternoon figuring out how to cast on, and haven’t really stopped knitting since (save for sleeping and driving).


2 thoughts on “Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

  1. I went into a Wal-Mart in 2004 and bought their “Teach Yourself to Knit” kit that came with a pair of size 8 needles, a cable needle, a gauge tool, an instruction book with patterns, stitch markers and a row counter. I was excited like it was Christmas when I finally understood how to cast on! I have since knitted hats, scarves, a baby sweater and matching booties.

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