Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

I probably should have read ahead and saved some of those WIPs I posted yesterday for today. Oh well.

Yes, I have a ton more WIPs. I don’t know if I could even find them all to post them, but here are the ones that are in The Tub. (The Tub is a plastic bin in my living room where I’ve been putting my knitting works in progress as I find them. It’s overflowing, presently.)

Two cardigans, a pair of hiking socks (only one started), a Beekeeper’s Quilt (design by tinyowlknits), and a granny square blanket. I’m sure there are more, but these are what I could pull today.

Sorry for the late post. Today was my first opportunity to go snowshoeing with my dad since breaking my foot in January and also my last opportunity this season. I’m glad I was able to go. 

Tomorrow’s prompt should be posted at the normal time.


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