Stashbusting Winter 2017

I’m a knitter and an indulgent shopping therapy enthusiast. This does not bode well for the amount of usable storage in my home.

Let me put it this way, as a Yule/Christmas/Generalized Solstice-Time Holiday gift to me, my boyfriend started building me yarn shelves. He is currently getting frustrated with how long they are taking to put together as I am in the beginning stages of yarn organization. Balls, hanks, and skeins everywhere.

Example #1: the corner of the living room. Here, we have a sweater project, odds and ends, some random non-yarn items that need putting away, and some bags of even more yarn.

Example #2: one of the couches. I’m pulling my yarn out of the moving boxes so I can see all of what I have, consolidate it, and plan how I’m going to use it.

Example #3: the other couch. This is where I sit when I get home from work and so this is where my current projects live. I’m trying to use up my extra sock yarn that will never be socks on a Scarfy Thing (pattern by Beata Jezek of Headghog Fibres) while also knitting excitedly through my Knit ‘N Slide shawl (pattern by Stephen West, who I had the pleasure of meeting last month).

This is barely scratching the surface of my yarn stash. So, like a good little knitter, I’m making a stash-down goal.

For the month of January, I’ll be working through the stash I have at hand (within reach of the couches). I’ll be putting it all together into a box/bag/basket, but it will stay nearby and I’ll only be working from that. Exceptions are gifted yarn and yarn bought to finish these projects.

For the first quarter of this year (January through March), my goal will be to only work through what I have (same exceptions apply). And, for the year, my goal is to bring down my stash to fit into the yarn shelves my boyfriend is making. That is a pretty drastic reduction, but I’m hopeful.

So, those are my yarn goals. Is anyone else stashbusting this year?


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