Sprucing up the Place

I’ve unpacked most of my crystals (finally) and my room is starting to feel much more like a sanctuary rather than a clutter dump. Having things in a dedicated space is really nice. Plus, it makes the new plant area look a lot nicer without having to repot things just yet.

I finally got all of my stuff out of storage yesterday and cancelled my lease. That’s  $70 less out of pocket each month, but I still have a ways to go before my savings  builds back up. My funds are depleted and I’m still not making enough money right now to solidly live on without external help.

I honestly thought by now that I’d have a full-time job that covered my expenses and that I wouldn’t be in these kinds of predicaments anymore. It’s very disappointing that money is still a problem.

I’ve read through so many articles and suggestions for how to save money and all of the ones I’ve found are like “oh, I just gave up Starbucks for a couple months” or things along those lines.

For me, I only get coffee from a shop when I have all my bills paid, extra cash on hand, and desperately need the caffeine to stay awake for work. I only get my hair cut every four months to just under two years, depending on how much money I have at the time. I don’t go out drinking with friends, I don’t buy new clothes unless I’ve had to throw something away due to wear and tear.

I splurge a little and go out to eat sometimes. That’s typically the biggest frivolous expense I allow myself and it’s not often. Sometimes I’ll buy little things, like those new plants. Again, it’s really rare and it’s something that directly serves a purpose.

I just feel like I try very hard and have been trying hard for a long time. I want to be in a sustainable, financially independent place where I can take on emergencies when they come up without it being even more of a crisis due to not having any money.

So, now that I’ve vented a bit, back to job applications. I’ll make this work. Because I have to, but more importantly, because I want to.

(No pictures for this post because my phone camera being broken makes this really difficult.)


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