For the past two days I’ve been getting vertigo and it’s been making me nauseous. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I had to leave work early last night and I called in today. I’ve also been sore and stiff all week, mostly in my legs, but now in my back as well. I just feel… off. Off enough that I can’t easily get through regular tasks that I always do (like bringing down overstock at work).

So, tonight I’m resting up as best I can. I’m drinking water, doing light yoga (no downward dog for me, though; it makes the vertigo worse), and I might submit an application or two for jobs that don’t require so much physical exertion. I’m also eating hot salsa to try and get some vitamin C and flush out some of my allergy symptoms that are giving me crap (and might be affecting my inner ear). Basically, I’m trying to be nice to myself so that I can heal up. There will be lots of blanket burrito-ing.

I’ve also signed back up to be sorted for the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup on Ravelry, now that I’m not taking college classes during the term (I filed for “Planned Academic Leave” yesterday while I get things sorted with the school about my degree and why they aren’t giving it to me). I’ve been sorted Slytherin in the Chimera manor this term (it’s complicated; the sorting for this game is not personality- nor Pottermore-based; my most recent Pottermore sorting has me as a Gryffindor, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me). Glad to be back in the Snake Pit (that must sound so weird without context)! I’ll post projects and links as they come.

Also, Plant Update: They all seem to be doing well. My star jasmine bloomed its first blossom this morning  and the new succulent has grown at least an inch taller. The older succulent is sucking up water like it’s life depends on it (and it just might, poor thing), but it seems to be doing all right. At least, it’s not getting worse right now. The jasmine does have some insect eggs on it, though. I wiped off as many as I could and applied some Castile soap to the affected areas. Hoping that will keep the ickies off my plant. I’ve waited 20 years (about 80% of my life) for a jasmine plant. I will NOT let some gross little bugs kill it.

One more thing. I’m trying to get to the point where I’m drawing often and getting projects finished. It’s proving to be challenging (as it always has been), but I’m going to keep trying. So, expect some updates here when I have something to share. You all have been really supportive with your likes, follows, and comments. I really appreciate it and want to make sure that I keep you in the loop for how it’s helping.

(No selfie tonight. Just resting.)


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