The Days Are Getting Better

At least, it seems so. I still have a lot on my plate, but always seem to. My laptop is back and fixed, so that is awesome. I had fun guest-starring on a podcast. This particular one will be published likely in December (I’ll keep you posted here).

Yesterday, I started the drawing portion of a new project. I’m trying to keep it a little bit of a secret until I get it closer to the “ready to post” stages, but I’m pretty excited/nervous.

I’m still working out the character design. Started doing the character sheets today. (Thank you Tasastock for posting such great references for t-pose!) I’m planning on getting the basic form out so that I can just reuse it and liquify-tool it for other characters. Always good to have a starting point so you can jump right in.

I just wish drawing came more naturally to me. I mean, I’m doing a lot better and I’m so happy and excited that I was able to shade the face contours from memory, today, but it still feels like I’m a million miles from where I want to be.

It got to be hard to work on because I was frustrated with how not-great it was. I’m doing so much better than I was, but it’s still such a challenge and I get antsy waiting to be good enough to like my own work…

I guess that’s just part of it. Learning to get past it and keep drawing.


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