Sock Drawer Aspirations

(Edit: Sorry guys, I was sure I had published this post yesterday… The phone app doesn’t seem to be working.)

I am not quite sure why I have such an obsession with socks, but it started at a young age when my parents would take me to Monterey, CA, and I’d go to the Sock Shop with my mom. She also loves socks and has always had a large collection with a variety of designs and patterns on them.

When I started learning to knit, I always viewed socks as this scary huge project that was beyond my reach. An aunt that I only see at Thanksgiving (and the only other person on either side of my family who knits) encouraged me to try. Between my impatience and not fully understanding the pattern and the techniques, I ended up with a single sock with an over-wide ankle but only a two and a half inch foot. I didn’t touch them again for a while.

Then I had a knitting student who wanted to learn to make socks. I said “okay” and attempted to teach her, having several more years of knitting and a garment under my belt. It wasn’t a fast enough process for her, so she quit, but I kept going, only modifying the pattern to be ankle socks because I never wore any other kind (except knee-highs). And thus, my first pair of hand knit socks was born. All eye-burning yellow and everything.

I’ve made a few pairs of socks, now, but almost all of them are the teensiest amount of knitting I could get away with for a full pair. This leave me with my first pair of ankle socks and three pairs of ballet flat socks.

Despite these lackluster attempts, I get the worst case of sock drawer envy over people who have the patience to knit socks regularly. The more rainbows, the better.

I have in my possession quite a bit of sock yarn, now, designated specifically for socks. While I would also love to have a badass Beekeeper’s Quilt, I want those socks a whole lot more. I love how they feel, how they look, and the tiny little stitches that pool together into making something I can be proud of.

Let’s talk about Tuesday, now. (This was many Tuesdays ago, but it still feels pretty fresh to me.) Tuesday I went yarn shopping with a friend who wants to learn to knit. Tuesday is also the day that I said “to hell with it” and picked up a ridiculous amount of Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails that I might add some pizzazz to my sock knitting and actually finish a few pairs. I bought thirteen (you read that right) and a Tosh Merino Light as a base yarn.

It is now a Monday some weeks later (a whole month? Longer?) and this lovely friend is coming back over to knit some more. I’m still knitting away at that first sock I started when we first went shopping for yarn, but I had run into problems and needed to sit for a bit to fix them.

In continuation of my One Nice Thing project, I’m wearing that first pair of retina incineration yellow socks because they are comfy and make me happy. I’m hoping to get that first mad-tosh sock done today to get a little victory under my belt.

Oh, and last night I made a pot roast that reminded me of my dad’s cooking, so that was awesome and made me happy. Dad’s cooking is comfort food at its finest. I’m going to whip up mashed potatoes to go with the leftovers, tonight.


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