One Nice Thing

As some of you might know, I struggle with depression and anxiety. A lot of people do. It’s nice that people are, in general, becoming more aware of it and more sensitive toward those who need that. Still, it is very much a personal battle. Having the help of others can make a huge difference, especially to those who feel extremely isolated by their mental state. Being able to learn and actively participate in handling those struggles yourself, however, can make a lifelong difference in how your depression affects you now and in the future. (This is strictly my experience and is in no way meant to be taken as professional advice or as to shame those who are struggling.)

Recently, my depression has been manifesting itself in new ways and my old techniques for handling it have been less effective. Sometimes your toolbox needs additions due to unforeseen issues you may run across. In an effort to combat these new symptoms, I’m going to attempt new solutions.

Self-care looks different for everyone, but is necessary for everyone as well. Sometimes it’s physically taking care of your body and your space, sometimes it’s learning to be nice in your self-talk. Well, I want to do nice things for myself. One nice thing, actually (hence the title). If I can do one extra nice thing each day, that will help make things easier or simpler for the coming days, it should help reduce my stress without overwhelming me with a ton of new tasks and practices.

Being ever the scientist, I want to document my progress and see what has the most effect so that I can take better care of myself in the future. The outward-facing camera lens on my phone broke earlier this week when I fell in the mud and my phone went flying (no, that didn’t help my anxiety in the least), so much of the documentation will be via selfie-cam. Also,  in the interest of self-care, I’m reserving the right to quit this project if it becomes too much or half-quit this project if doing it daily becomes too much.

So, in scientific fashion, I’m going to start with a “before” pic, stress skin blemishes and all. After posting this, my nice thing for today is going to be to dust all the major surfaces in my apartment because my allergies are going nuts right now and I am out of allergy medication until next week.


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