A Light Dusting

Sorry for the super late post. Today has been busy.

Yesterday was the start of my “One Nice Thing” project. The first thing I did was a preliminary dusting of my apartment. I didn’t get to everything, but the place still looks considerably nicer and has fewer things to make me sneeze. I also gave myself a deep tissue foot massage (I need to save up for work shoes with better support) and tidied up around the apartment a little.

 This morning, trying to think of something nice to do for myself, I tweeted this. It IS hard to be nice to yourself when you’ve worked so hard to put yourself aside in order to “get things done”. Realizing that they aren’t mutually exclusive is still a process. Not every nice thing I do for myself is something that I WANT to do. Yes, it’s beneficial in the long-run, but it’s not always fun or easy.

I have pretty bad skin. It sometimes gets better, but it always gets worse when I’m stressed out. I don’t really enjoy wearing make-up daily or doing anything like that. I just don’t have the time to and it’s not something I’m fond of. With that, however, I also don’t take the time to do things like moisturize and whatever else. So, I did that this morning. I washed my face, used a blemish stick to help reduce the inflammation, and moisturized. Perhaps I’ll do it again tomorrow. Even a little bit helps, right?

I had been wanting to sew for a while. (You may note it’s one of the things I mentioned in my first blog post here as a thing I like to do.) I had also been wanting something comfy to wear at home that wasn’t too tight and uncomfortable. I have been gaining a lot of weight this year. A lot of the weight is muscle mass, due to the kind of work I do at my job, but my clothes still haven’t been fitting well.

So, I pulled out my sewing machine to just put something together to wear around the house, at least. It’s a simple enough no-pattern thing that sometimes pops up on my Pinterest feed. I’m not sure I like the fabric, but I’m glad I did the top stitching (messy as it is).

Admittedly, this would have been easier to do if I knew where my pins, sewing scissors, iron, etc were packed, but it came out surprisingly well for those being missing. It’s not yet done, but close. I’m going to try to finish it tomorrow at which time I’ll post pictures. I’ll try to post pictures of it again when it’s ironed.

As for today’s selfie, I wore some of my nicer clothes in hopes that I would feel nice wearing them. It did seem to help a bit.


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