I feel like I should drink more tea…

I really enjoy drinking tea. However, I say that with the same level of enjoyment that I apply to sewing, reading, and various other activities and interests that catch my fancy. I enjoy doing them and I do them extensively for a period of time, and then it just drops off my radar for several months (or years) before I pick it up again.

I have two shelves in my kitchen cabinets that are exclusively dedicated to tea and coffee (but mostly tea). I probably shouldn’t buy any more until I go through at least one of those shelves of inventory (as I so quaintly term my various hoards of things).

I like most flavors, with or without the addition of milk, sugar, lemon, etc. I prefer hot tea to iced tea in most situations, but I am like many in that I will set my tea down and only remember to finish the second half of it when it is room-temperature.

Tea also has many benefits. From antioxidants, to heart health, to bone and tooth health, to digestion, to simply helping keep hydrated. Studies are easily Google-able with plenty of research on the topic (if not primarily limited to Camellia sinensis varieties).

Now that I’ve rambled sufficiently about all the reasons I should, I’m going to go finish my cup of tea. Leave a comment with your favorite flavor and fact about tea below!


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