Challenge Month: Day 3

Yesterday was just a bad day over all and I wasn’t able to run OR drink enough water (only got to 72 oz, not a full gallon). The second day or the water challenge was successful, though!

So, since I didn’t run yesterday, I did that run today.

Day 3: Intervals Baby!
I’ve been doing intervals for the past couple weeks and it was a nice break after exerting myself so much for that 3k.

With the S Health app that came with my Samsung Galaxy, there is an option to train for a 5k and a 10k in different ways. I’m working on the 5k training plan, but modifying it as I need to.


Instead of the “walk briskly” part, I jog at as even a pace as I can and walk fast at the intervals.

I’m hoping to keep up the momentum and not run into any more days that flatten me like yesterday did (both schedule and emotionally). I also hope to be back on track with the water challenge tonight.


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