Challenge Month: Day 1

So, now that I’m not in school, I figured I’d use my extra time to try to accomplish some goals. From getting back into shape to staying hydrated to various other things. So, since this is the first day of a 30 day month, I decided to start up a couple 30 day challenges.

Last year, I had attempted to do a 30 Day Running Challenge. By day 7, I was so distracted with life that I fell off that goal. This past semester, I had no time to run at all, with so many classes and working. Now that it’s summer, though, and I’ve already begun training for a half marathon, I have decided to try again.

I will be combining my running training app goals with this challenge the best I can so as to make sure I’m neither pushing myself too hard (since I have only been running again for about two weeks) nor falling behind (like I have been before now).


I have also decided to take on a less stringent 30 Day Water Challenge. Let’s be realistic; I drink alcohol maybe twice a month, at most. I only drink soda maybe once a month. I also work night shift and sometimes need a caffeine boost, but I don’t drink coffee very often either. My water to sugar-drink balance is pretty, well, balanced.

Despite that, I do want to stay fully hydrated, especially with he Running Challenge. So, I’m still intending to drink a gallon of water every da for the next 30 days, but I won’t be too hard on myself if I slip in a cup of coffee or a drink at a graduation BBQ. Sure, I’ll think  twice and drink water if I’m thirsty rather than something else, but cold turkey is a sad method that often leads to relapse.

Also, due to my abnormal schedule, I’ll be posting my water drinking the following day. I’ll use midnight as a start and end time to keep things simple, but midnight is my first break at work.

Anyways. Day One of Challenge Month:
“Run for Fun” – take four pictures while you run.





I ran from my apartment in a loop. 2.64km in 30 minutes doing intervals of jogging and walking with a five minute warm up and cool down walk. All the pictures are from the first half of the loop because I’d never run that way before.

Also, it’s about 7:30pm where I’m at and I’ve already had 10 cups of water. So, that’s going well.

Tomorrow will be 2k! So, you know, not too hard. I’ll be doing a solid 2k run instead of intervals. A nice, quick run before I prepare for the other things I’m doing with my time outside of work! See you then!


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