My goodness, it’s been a while!

School has kept me busy, as it is prone to do. I’ve been held up by homework and portfolio development, but I’ve done a few fun things since last I’ve posted here!


I went to the wedding of two good friends of mine (so beautiful and loads of fun), which required that I seam rip a dress and put it back together in a way that fit.


Fit like a glove! I was amazed that I had to take it in four whole inches after only a few weeks since purchasing it in my size!


I finished up my first pair of Dobby Socks (I have a post just about these all planned out for when the break starts)!


I met Matthew Inman of Oatmeal fame at Beat the Blerch Sacramento! Such a cool guy.


I beat my personal Blerch and ran 10k, keeping running form the whole way! The tables full of cake every two miles were a great motivator.


I opened up a Patreon account for people to help support my continued digital painting practice. For those of you who are interested in supporting me as an artist and would like to be the first to see new works and exclusive sketchbook photos, go over and check out my Patreon page!


I knit up five different ear warming headbands (some are holiday gifts).


And, yesterday, I kept myself busy by making up 84 oz of homemade kahlua, reorganizing my entire pantry, and planning how to use up all this pantry stuffs.

So, yeah, I’ve been doing quite a bit. These are the highs, but there have also been lows. I’m trying to stay focused on the positives for now, though.

If you’re interested in keeping more up-to-date on what’s going on, two of the best places for more frequent updates are my Instagram and my Twitter!

Hope you’re all doing well! New posts will start again after December 18th!


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