30 Day Running Challenge

Okay, back to talking about running.

School has been all-consuming as of late, so right now I just need to RUN, whatever that looks like. So, I’ve decided to take on the 30 Day Running Challenge that was just posted by the lovely Carly Rowena on her YouTube channel.

Mind you, most of the list isn’t nearly as challenging as what I typically do for a run, but those runs are three times a week, maximum. I’m thinking that they’ll be just perfect for thirty straight days (plus, they won’t take as long, so I’ll be able to fit them into my busy schedule a little easier).

Without further ado, the Challenge:

1 – Run for Fun – Take 4 pictures during your run.
2 – Let’s do 2. Complete 2k in your own time.
3 – Try random intervals.
4 – Take your Boyfriend or Girlfriend
5 – Coffee Run – run to the coffee shop
6 – Wear something fun!
7 – Switch up your Playlist
8 – Wear matching underwear, i need to see proof!
9 – Run to the Gym
10 – 10 minute HIIT, 30 second Jog x 30 second sprint!
11 – Ditch all technology (but remember to tell someone where you’re going!)
12 – Try a nature trail
13 – Wear some new Leggings
14 – Run Uphill
15 – Complete 5k, what’s your time?
16 – Take a Friend
17 – Download a Random Album, how many songs can you run through?
18 – Road Run.
19 – Side Steps, switch it up.
20 – Buy some new trainers and test them out
21 – Run along the beach
22 – Zombie Apocalypse, how far can you sprint?
23 – Take your Parents
24 – Treat yourself, have you favourite treat waiting for you on your return.
25 – Add weight, it’s time for a backpack.
26 – Sunrise Run, how far can you run before the sun comes up?
27 – Take your Dog
28 – Lunchbreak, you have 20 minutes, show me your route!
29 – Counting Game, how many runners do you meet on your journey?
30 – Dirty 30, You have 30 minutes, show me your best?

I’ll also be trying something a little different with this. I’ll be posting some pictures on Snapchat and Instagram for this challenge. If you’re interested in following my daily progress (or other random silly things), my Snapchat name is aerietta and you should be able to find me on Instagram as katiepylman. If those aren’t your style, I’ll be posting quick blog posts on my progress at (probably) random intervals. Comments and encouragement are welcome! See you all soon!


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