Time-crunch and Tragedy

Homework has eaten my life. It’s a common and recurring theme. Plus, I just added a mural painting class. Because units and graduating and stuff.

Speaking of things that eat life, the fires in California are still blazing. Where I am, I am fairly safe. Not true of some wonderful places I will never again see as they once were.

One of these places is the Harbin Hot Springs which was recently consumed by the Lake County fire. I visited these beautiful pools last year at the beginning of November. Said pools are now blacked with ash.

It saddens me to see such a wonderful place so loved by the community destroyed overnight. I hadn’t realized how the hope of going back sometime soon would cause me to feel such devastation to find it gone.

This unfortunate event has inspired a two-week diptych drawing I am in the process of planning. The format of the diptych was decided by a homework prompt, but the idea was something I had thought about before that was assigned. I’ve mostly been taking notes of what I want to do or just brainstorming ideas and don’t really have anything sketched out, yet. Hopefully, I will have more to show next week.



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