Stashbusting Year 25

Earlier this year, I turned the quarter century mark. To celebrate how far I’ve come and also act more responsibly as a grown adult, I decided to start using up my yarn inventory.

I’ve been crocheting from the age of eight and knitting since I was twelve. In that time period, I’ve made a pretty large collection of my craft materials. Large enough that I have not been exactly sure how much I have.

Since my birthday, I have finished off 37 balls of yarn and knit 4,260 yards. I know that may seem like a lot, but most of those balls of yarn were remnants and I still have a long way to go. Also, some of those knit and crochet things were only partial projects; pieces to later be assembled into a whole.

So, how much yarn DO I have? I don’t yet know and I honestly don’t have the time to unpack all of it just to find out (especially since I’ve hidden some away in random boxes that I can’t reach at the moment). My best estimate is 12 ft cubed.  I don’t even know how many skeins that would be, but it seems like a pretty accurate spatial measurement. The point is, as I find it, I intend to knit more and more of it.

To assist in these goals of mine, I’ve purchased a few containers to divide the skeins/remnants/etc by intended use or how much has been used.

The Bin of Dobby Socks (worsted weight wool and wool blends that no longer have another purpose).

The Bin of Repurposing (some full, some partial skeins).

The Bin of Hooked Hexis Blanket (the new home of all my worsted acrylic yarn that hasn’t been donated or tossed).

The Bin of Beekeepers and Hexipuffs (the project bags are specialty puffs I’m making for HPKCHC).

I have a few more bins, but I will get to those later. They are heavy and not wanting to budge to be photographed. (Yes, my yarn is sentient.) Much to do, but I shall have more picture of my goal-busting as it happens! For more regular progress updates, visit the Ravelry project page, click here.


4 thoughts on “Stashbusting Year 25

  1. I’m at the point where I’m doing the same thing. I have so much lovely yarn that I just want to use, but I don’t have the right colors for the projects I’m planning. Which means more yarn….sigh. It looks like you are planning to use all of your yarn for blankets and socks. That should keep you busy for a while.


    1. Best of luck with your stashbusting! I totally understand having the wrong colors for what you’re planning. I just bought four large skeins of beige colored wool for a cardigan because I really wanted a neutral colored cardigan.
      Thick wool socks and blankets make nice scrap projects. Plus, I’m not planning on making pairs of socks; just individuals to mix and match. Less time commitment and no worrying if I run out of a ball of scrap yarn in any color.


  2. You know, I have boxes that look a whole lot like these – only they are audio and video cables. Each box also consists of exactly one giant knot that includes every cable in that box. I need to organize.

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